History and timeline - Finkenherd 5

The Finkenherd 5
– a house full of history in the middle of the old town of Quedlinburg

Four elements from different centuries form the present building complex of Finkenherd 5. The core construction was already built in the Middle Age. This part of the house was expanded in the following centuries. Finkenherd 5 is located in the Westendorf, which belonged to the city of Quedlinburg since 1810. At that time the building was known as "Westendorf 5" and is located in the area of the former St. John's Hospital. On the facade, decorations with deaf stick, console frieze and baroque pyramid heads are visible. In the basement there is a sandstone vault.


Source: Naumann, Daniel: Eine ehemalige Gaststätte – Finkenherd 5 in: Archäologie und Bauforschung. Verborgenes Mittelalter, Quedlinburg 2008, pp. 43-45


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