Hiking trails in the Harz - Finkenherd 5

Hiking trails near Quedlinburg with stamping points of “Harzer Wandernadel”

Harzer Teufelsmauerstieg (Devil‘s Wall trail)

From Blankenburg to Neinstedt

On this varied, approximately 14 kilometres long hiking tour you can reach three stamping points of the Harzer Wandernadel. The starting point is in the street "Heidelberg" in Blankenburg, below the Devil's Wall. You can park your car directly here or in the side streets. If you travel by public transport, we recommend the bus line 230 or 250 from Quedlinburg to Wernigerode with the bus stop "Herzogstraße" in Blankenburg. From here you reach the starting point "Heidelberg" via Hasselfelder Straße.

Follow the signs to the “Großvaterfelsen” (grandfather rock) - either via the Teufelsmauerstieg or the Kammweg path. The Devil's Wall trail is continuously signposted with a stone relief on which a little devil sits. The Kammweg path requires safe footwear and is more challenging. However, you can experience the rock formations of the Devil's Wall very close and enjoy the impressive panoramic views here and there. At the Großvaterfelsen rock you will find stamping point number 76 with the same name. Climb up the rock over the short climb and enjoy a breathtaking view over Blankenburg, Timmenrode and Cattenstedt. The northern path leads you through the forest to the "Hamburger Wappen" (Crest of Hamburg) the stamping point 74 of the Harzer Wandernadel, north of Timmenrode. For children who want to become a hiking prince or hiking princess, the neighbouring Devil's hole, a rock cave, is particularly exciting. It is recommended to take a short rest to enjoy the view and gain new strength for the next stage.

On a straight path between the fields you continue to Warnstedt, a district of Thale. Via a slight ascent you reach the "Papensteine" a rock formation. In the direction of Weddersleben you pass the "Mittelsteine", also a rock formation, and finally reach the "Königsstein" (King’s stone). Here you can enjoy a great view of Thale and the district of Neinstedt as well as Weddersleben and Quedlinburg in the northern direction. Take the way over the wooden steps down on the other side and you will reach the last stamping point of Harzer Wandernadel on this tour: The Devil's Wall Weddersleben, number 188. The barrier-free Marienbrücke bridge provides access to the Marienhof with a farm shop and farm café.
Our insider tip: Visit the farm café at Marienhof in Neinstedt (link: https ://www.neinstedt.de/esn/service-produkte/laeden/hofladen.php) and enjoy cakes, cookies and other sweet treats from the farm's own bakery. Directly at the Marienhof there is a playground and a small petting zoo. The farm shop serves fresh baked goods and organic products from the Marienhof and the region.

From Neinstedt you can walk on the "Stadtweg" along the river Bode back to Quedlinburg. Alternatively, take the train from the stop in Neinstedt within 15 minutes back to the station in Quedlinburg.

Hiking trail from Friedrichsbrunn to Alexisbad

This approximately 9 kilometres long hiking trail allows you to reach two stamping points of the Harzer Wandernadel in total. The starting point of the hike is the health resort Friedrichsbrunn, a district of Thale. At the town entrance and exit you will find large parking spaces, which can be used free of charge. By public transport you can reach the starting point with line 255 from Quedlinburg with exit at the bus stop "Friedrichsbrunn Stadtmitte."

From the centre, head south, right along the church and the cemetery, to the “Gondelteich” pond. You walk along the right side of the bank and reach the "Alte Gernröder Straße," which you follow to the left. On the roadside there are still the old border stones, witnesses of the former borders to Anhalt and Brunswick. After about one kilometre you will find a bench of the Harzklub for a rest as well as a stamp of the circular hiking trail of Friedrichsbrunn. Continue along the historic border road straight ahead along the Beckstraße to the pond “Bergrat-Müller-Teich” with the stamping point 190 of Harzer Wandernadel. Go back over the pond dam and turn left in front of the Merkelbach holiday park.

Follow the path and at the second junction turn left towards Alexisbad into “Friedenstal” valley. Through the beech forest you reach the Erichsburg pond, which was used together with the pond Bergrat-Müller-Teich for the water supply of mining facilities. Along the way to the south lies the ruin of Erichsburg on the right. Here is a stamp on the theme trail "Forts and Castles" of Harzer Wandernadel. Follow the Friedbach creek until you reach the source Marienquelle 500 meters before Alexisbad at a branch. Back on the main path you reach the destination of the hiking trail- to Alexisbad.

From the bus stop "Alexisbad Bahnhof, Bus" you can take bus number 242 to the stop "Rathenaustraße" to Gernrode. Here you change to bus line 255 (direction Stolberg) to get back to Friedrichsbrunn to the starting point. Alternatively, take line 242 directly from Alexisbad to Quedlinburg.

Circular hiking trail from Mägdesprung via Alexisbad and backwards

On the tour through Selketal valley to Mägdesprung you can reach two stamping points of Harzer Wandernadel in total. The starting point of the approximately 11 kilometres long round tour is in the railway station in Mägdesprung with several parking opportunities. With the bus route 242 (direction to Harzgerode) from Quedlinburg you get to the stop „Mägdesprung (Harzgerode)“. As a special highlight we recommend the journey with the narrow-gauged railway Selketalbahn of the railway station Quedlinburg via Gernrode.

First of all, cross the town Mägdesprung past in the obelisk along Kreisstrasse up to the end of the town up to the junction to Harzgerode. From there the clim of the cliff way begins in the direction of Alexisbad which you follow up to the hut “Köthener Hütte”. Here is the stamping point 195 of Harzer Wandernadel. Afterwards follow the way on the right side in the direction of the tunnel ”Pioniertunnel”. At the next road junction turn left at the end and follow the slightly rising path in the direction of Harzgerode. After a while you reach again the “Klippenweg” cliff path which you left at the hut “Köthener Hütte”.

Passing the peace monument, you reach stamping point number 177, the “Verlobungsurne” (engagement urn) with a wonderful view of Alexisbad. This location is ideally suitable for a short break. Follow afterwards the way down along the cliff way up to the small house “Birkenhäuschen” where you turn left. Walk the narrow path directly along the small house and keep on the left in the direction of the valley to Alexisbad. From this point, follow the idyllic footpath along river Selke back to Mägdesprung. From this bus stop take bus route 242 or the narrow-gauged railway Selketalbahn back to Quedlinburg.

Travelling tour by the Bodetal, the Grand canyon of the resin

From the railway station Thale you go straight through the opposite health resort park, past the Peter's church on Hubertusstrasse. You follow this street to the right to the entrance of the Bodetals and reach the valley station with the fun park with different play stations. Follow further the street in the direction of the youth hostel in Thale and turn on the left, precipitously up on the footpath. From out of this you follow the signposting up to the witch's dance floor and mountain theatre. Alternatively you reach from the valley station with the cable railway with the gondolas whose ground is partly completely of glass to the witch's dance floor.

Coming on top, varied offers are available to you: a visit in the animal park, the whale pure G sharp hall, a journey with the resinous bobsleigh or the mad witch's house. Directly in the inn you enjoy the wonderful view in the Bodetal, to the opposite rock plateau of the horse bustard and in the resinous foothills. On the right along the animal park the other footpath leads most near Wegabzweig to the right to the vantage point „La of 4 height“. Here is the stamp place number 72 the Harzer walking nobility. Go the way back for the last fork and turn to the right on the original footpath.

Follow this footpath up to the putting on one side to the right to the prince's view. At the end of the way you find the second stamp place of the same name the Harzer walking nobility. On the identical footpath you get back to follow the main way once more to the right. After some time you come to the "arrow monument", the Harzer travelling nobility stamp place number 69. After the dam brook valley you follow the other sign-posting in the direction of castle Trese. Keep on the right and follow the signposting to the vantage point „white deer“ with stamp place number 67.

From out of this you have a nice look at castle Trese. About the precipitous descent on the left side and some Serpentinen later, you reach the local core from castle Trese. By one of the restaurants you can strengthen yourselves with decent and sweet delicacies, before you reach with the bus route 257 back to Thale to the railway station.

Should you still have enough energy for the seven-kilometre-long footpath back to Thale, follow the high street course in castle Trese up to the Bodebrücke. Before the bridge you turn right and follow the signposting by the wild-romantic Bodetal over the Harzer travelling nobility stamp place "solar cliff", number 69, the Bodekessel up to the devil's bridge. The other footpath leads you to the stamp place number 178, to the "deer reason", directly in the restaurant "king's rest" in the Bodetal with look at the witch's dance floor. With pleasure you can follow after a stop in the beer garden the Goethe's way, along the Goethe's rock, back to the valley station with the cable railway and the armchair lift up to the railway station to Thale.
From Thale you reach alternatively by the train or the bus route 251 back to Quedlinburg.

Round footpath in bath Suderode: From the health resort park up to the Prussian's tower

The wandering begins in the health resort park bath Suderode in the Behringer well in which you can enjoy the wholesome source water of the calcium sole spring. On the about six kilometre long travelling tour you can collect two stamps the Harzer walking nobility.

In the mountain Schwedder and in the surrounding side streets you find numerous park possibilities. With the bus route 240 (in the direction of ashtray life) you reach from Quedlinburg to the stop bath Suderode, railway station. Alternatively can drive you with the Selketalbahn of Quedlinburg to the railway station to bath Suderode. From the stop you turn on the right into Bahnhofstrasse and follow this up to Brinkstrasse and to the health resort park of bath Suderode.

From here you follow first the sign-posting of the footpath 44J in the direction of Friedrichsbrunn. The way drives down you in the brook Quarm, past a rock garden, the restaurant "rock cellar", the reading song cave, to a waterwheel up to the small traffic jam pond. Behind the pond the way forks, and you follow from the signposting here to the Anhaltinischen hall stones. In the next fork you turn right, the way becomes narrow here now and very precipitous, until you reach to the vantage point "rock pulpit". From there there are only few metres up to the Anhaltinischen to hall stones, stamp place number 186 the Harzer walking nobility.

Follow furthermore the way 44 g in the direction of "spider" (protective hut), turn, nevertheless, shortly before the "spider" to the left on the dog-rose way. You follow this way in the direction of: "Spoon" and border way up to the Prussian's tower. Here you find the stamp place of the same name number 185 the Harzer walking nobility. Beside the tower you bend to the right down to the descent and follow the sign-posting back to the starting point in the health resort park bath Suderode.
By the place back you reach to the stop bath Suderode, railway station from which you go with the bus route 240 back to Quedlinburg. Alternatively you can reach with the Selketalbahn directly from the railway station back to Quedlinburg.

Round wandering in mountain Stecklen about the ruined castle castle Stecklen, Lauenburg to the bell stone

The starting point of this round wandering is compared with the church in mountain Stecklen. In the side streets you find different park possibilities. Alternatively you reach with the bus route 255 (in the direction of mountain Stol) to the stop bath Suderode, railway station. Here you change in the bus route 245 (directions Thale) and get out in the stop „mountain Stecklen, local middle“.

All together you can reach on this round footpath two regular stamp places and an other subject way stamp place the Harzer walking nobility.

Follow first the way in the direction of the ruined castle castle Stecklen (green beam / crown) and go along above the playground, with the big children's slides. Short time later you reach the ruin with a Sonderstempelstelle from the subject way „castles and castles“ the Harzer walking nobility. Then it goes further precipitously uphill on the way with the identical mark (green beam / crown) up to Lauenburg with the stamp place number 187 the Harzer walking nobility. Discover the impressive lime-tree which overgrows two walls and under which one is able hindurchschreiten. Besides, a rise is recommended to the observation tower in Lauenburg from which you have a wonderful look over mountain Stecklen and the resinous foothills.

Along the precastle you reach after some minutes to a crossroad with a sign tree. Turn in the direction of worm brook valley (mark with the blue point). After you have crossed the bridge, take the way on the left in the direction of bell stone. Past summer and winter cliffs a way leads on the right travelling nobility stamp place number 73 up to the bell stone, Harzer. From the stone it goes righthand further up to a road fork where you take the right narrow path in the direction of mountain Stecklen (mark with a yellow beam and yellow point).

From the next road fork you keep always on the right (yellow point / E51), happen to a plantation keep furthermore to the right of in the direction of Lauenburg. In the next fork you follow the signposting back to the starting point after mountain Stecklen. With the bus routes 245 (directions Ballenstedt) you reach back after bath Suderode and from there with the line 255 back to Quedlinburg.